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Midwife Tools


Due Dates OB Calculator, an online calculator of gestational age, displayed in a nice printable chart. Options: LMP, days in cycle, conception, or due date.
Due Dates OB Calculator, an online calculator of gestational age, displayed in classic calendar format. Options: LMP, days in cycle, conception, or due date.
Unit Conversion Tools, providing a fast, easy online tool for converting weights and lengths to different units.
Newborn Screening Weight Conversion Chart, the old familiar printable chart for converting pounds and ounces to grams.
WHO (and CDC) printable growth percentile charts for boys and girls, newborn to 2 years, breastfeeding-friendly.
Vital Signs Reference Charts, with range, average, and variations from newborn to adult.
Body Mass Index Calculator, a tool used to estimate what is considered a healthy weight based on a persons height.

Coding, Billing, Charting:

Midwifery Chart Forms, designed to easily document the high level of care given by midwives.
Especially Births Medical Billing, providing personalized medical/insurance billing services for midwives since 2001.
2011 ICD-9 codes; find those billing codes easily, needed for lab slips even if you use a biller.
2012 ICD-10 codes converter; to make the switch-over a little easier!
Modern Medicine, requires registration for free membership, searchable CPT codes, ICD-9, CME, Formulary, articles, more.
Midwife Practice, for those looking for Electronic Medical/Health Records services suitable for midwifery care.

Risk Assessment:

Pre-eclampsia Integrated Estimate of Risk, providing an online calculation tool for estimating a mother's risk of developing pre-eclampsia.

General Information:

Medical Dictionary, part of the online Free Dictionary by Farlex, which draws on several standard texts for definitions.
Medical Abbreviations, acronyms, initials, and other standardized terms commonly used in charting.
Understanding Research for Birth Professionals, a great guide to research whether you are a midwife or a student.
Midwifery Skills needed for Breech Birth, by Mary Cronk, what you need know when confronted with a breech, whether expected or a surprise.
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, important for midwives to use when the office which gave the vaccine fails/refuses to report a reaction.
Cesarean Rates by State, also identifies which hospitals will or will not allow VBACs.
Apprentice Match, a resource to bring together Midwives and potential apprentices across the US. Registration is free.

Washington State

Washington State Birth Certificate Application Form, 2-page form required for filing.
Washington State Insurance Commissioner, where to file a complaint against an insurance company for slow pay or rejected claims..


Midwife Bag; some of the instruments, supplies, medicines, and equipment that a Washington licensed midwife carries to home births.

Just for Fun

Moon Phases Calendar, an interactive tool to see if your births really are clustering around certain phases.

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