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Pages of links to more resources!

Radiation Exposure: Click HERE for info about iodine to protect your thyroid.

Local Resources for Mothers! Links to services in the local area; Tri-Cities, the Gorge, Yakima valley.
More Information: Links to resources and information online about pregnancy, birth, mothering, women's health, more.
Midwifery Schools: Links to midwifery schools (not a complete list, of course) with emphasis on distance education for those who have no local schools.
Midwifery & Consumer Organizations: Links to sites where you can get much more information about birthing issues.
Midwife Tools: Links to sites with useful online tools, like calculators for due dates and pre-eclampsia risk.

Professional Quality Health and Maternity Care Products
Midwifery Charts, Herbal Tinctures, Essential Oils, Colloidal Silver, Birth Kits
This is where you will find tinctures like Fertility, Immune Boost, Miscarriage, Nausea, Pre-Gest, and Stress,
and pure essential oils like PainLess, Candida Killer VII, and Thieves 2020.

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